Vaastu And Colors Of Your Living Room

Vastu has divided our house into a number of sub-directions, each of which has a color that complements it well. It will be virtually hard to go by all instructions unless you wish to paint your space a variety of colors. Because of this, a Vastu-approved context of room colors has been developed by a domestic interior designer in Kolkata! So read on to learn which color to use and which to avoid for each orientation.

Principles of Vastu Shastra
According to the many Vastu principles, color therapy is crucial for balancing the body, soul, and mind. Different colors provide different regions of the rooms energy, which in turn has a beneficial effect on the house and its people. The Vastu Shastra states that certain colors complement your home’s directions and rooms more than others. Drawing using the right colors will also send healing energy to your house.

Your home’s living room sees a lot of activity and energy throughout the day. In order to attract positive energy, we must take into account some of the Vastu-approved living room wall paint colors.

– Orange
You must use Orange in place of Red. This is due to the fact that oranges create invigorating Vastu energy, which encourages lively dialogues and fun occasions. Orange is also referred to as the “social” color. This color works well on accent walls, false ceilings, and other surfaces of a like kind.

– Blue
Since blue is a beautiful Vastu color, it is associated with tranquility and serenity. A variety of blue hues can be used to infuse your living spaces with uplifting vitality. Your living area will feel calm and inviting if you use light or pastel blue tones.

– Green
The serene color Green is associated with nature and Mother Earth. This hue always conjures images of growth and healing. Painting every wall green may seem a little strange, but you may add an accent wall with green paint.

– Brown
The color brown has recently gained popularity in vastu. This color has a connection to the earth and is enticing to dark chocolate or coffee, all of which are desirable things in life. You may easily add brown to your present color scheme by replacing the carpets, draperies, and upholstery.

– White
The hall wall paint color of white is always a wise choice. It is simple, easy, and delicate, and it has no negative energy. White, according to Vastu Shastra, represents clarity.

To Sum Up
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