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Varnam, led by a skilled team of craftsmen, transforms versatile designs into reality for individual clients. We break away from common market products, providing unique interiors with creative ideas. Our expertise spans classical to contemporary themes, creating personalized spaces with attention to detail, from main doors to accessories. Projects include custom-made contemporary wall art, balanced color schemes, and transparent elements for a vibrant ambiance.

Specializing in residential and commercial spaces, we tailor kitchens and wardrobes for practicality. In commercial projects, we enhance spaces with proper color balance and hidden lighting, aligning with the company's essence.

Inaugurated by Mr Trotsty Marudu - Contemporary Artist.
Ms. Shobana Ramachandran - Managing Director at TVS SRICHAKRA LTD.
Mr. Karmuthu.T. Kannan, Chairman, Thiagarajar group of companies, Madurai.

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Varnam holds team of hand-picked craftsmen with exemplary talent who execute our versatile design into reality. We work as per the need of every individual client on various parameters making sure that complete satisfaction being the final goal with new ideas which can change the whole approach of looking at a space. All the days we are forced to repute interiors with the commonly available products in the market, which could not reflect our expressions. Similarly it has been a hectic task in getting perfect interior with creative ideas to fulfill our dream interiors. Here we play a necessary role in catering the people by providing conceptual theme for their interiors, which we design and execute from classical to contemporary end at their reach. An interesting array of placing accessories in the proper space will add dynamism to the area and giving the interior a look of elegant oriental simplicity.

Each project is individual designed from its main door to banister and chandelier, which will combine with the interior to evolve the feel of personalized space. Marvel of our creativity reflects on creating Ceilings, FRP wall paneling, Sandwiched transparent and translucent partitions, Metal crafted partitions, Light fittings, Basins, Artificial stone claddings, Handrails and Futuristic mix media furniture. This fusion of different materials and texture gives a aesthetic ambiance for the space.
Each of our projects will have a custom-made amazing textured contemporary wall art, which will be a focal point of the space and will catch glimpse of this charming spot from anywhere. Our interiors are well color balanced and will create continuous flow throughout the space. We also concentrate much on creating transparency in the space with the use of glass through which greenery is visible everywhere. Today’s Kitchen and Wardrobes are multi purposely designed for its practicality in day to day function as per the exact need which fulfills your every desire with a vast variety of accessories.
Not only residential in commercial projects we take a step forward by understanding your passion for a perfect interior that reflects your pride. We implement proper color balance and hidden lighting sense while designing commercial projects which will give a complete face lift for the space. Coinciding with the companies’ essence of existence the space could be designed Corporate, Modern or Rustic which will make the office space alive.

Virtual Reality (Arficial Intelligence)

Virtual Reality (VR) is today’s most advanced form of visualizaon of a space in architecture industry, which is similar to reality. It is a powerful tool, where clients can experience their unbuilt space and can witness each and everything in detail. When we start a project, we show our clients the final finish of the space including interiors in VR for them to understand it perfectly even before starting the construction or executing it. We do all the modification needed in VR stage itself to avoid unnecessary expenses for the client. In VARNAM we always incorporate all the technical advancement available to give our clients a optimum satisfaction.


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