The Villa Which Defines Luxury

Sculpturally shaped elevated ventilator facade matched with symmetrical high- rise roofing for a house.

A 6800 sq ft high- rise villa constructed and designed in Chennai is the definition of luxury, realistic and functional interiors, designed by the team of young designers keeping all the functionality and creativity in mind. The first thing that struck me about this villa was the ample space it had and working with that space with modern elevation with European architecture, huge windows became the catalyst of sunlight and balanced linear pattern with brass work traveling through the whole house.

Modern elevation mixed with the European form of architecture. The elevation design has either horizontal and vertical lines. This concept gives a hint of big space. Huge switch windows allow sunlight to travel across the space besides keeping the house well lit, it balances the comfort of liveable space and switch windows provide privacy to the people living there.

The linear pattern travels from the outside of the house to the foyer. Rest of the area and elements are in circular shape to balance the design. If we see the elements in the space, there is a brass chandelier, art leather sofa and a customized rug. The highlight of the space is the wall art giving life to the whole place and the blue color of the wall art gives the sense of steadiness.

Living Room
After the foyer we enter the living room where floral wall art compliments the carpet. Door design stays the same, linear pattern stays with brass chandelier, louwers and tv unit. In this space the sofa and chair are again of soft cushion art leather, the center table has the brass finish which accolades to the whole setting. As we can see the ceiling has a very art filled brass chandelier, there is a personalized dining table with a marble top. Art leather chair stays the same and a cemented plantel vase with brass finish is customized and installed as demanded. Linear pattern and spiral theme is running all through the room which balances the design.

The spiral brass chandelier follows from the living room. Cot with a bed head is a soft cushion and a rug with similar design from the living room’s wall, creates a sequential effect with a pattern matching the door. As we see, there are a lot of elements in this home but none of it is overwhelming. All are balanced and put together to give it a really luxurious vibe. All the pieces are complimenting and settling, they keep space steady and serene. The brass finish components add richness to the space.

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